Art Studio – UPSaclay / Centre Pompidou

Description of the project and the final rendering envisaged

This is the forth edition of an interdisciplinary artistic and cultural educational course in collaboration between the University of Paris Saclay, the diagonale de Saclay and the Center Pompidou museum.

In this course, students will be introduced to the design and implementation of experimental interactive artworks. The course is led by myself and with the intervention of an artist of the choice of the Centre Pompidou.

The theme chosen this year is: “more than human”.

Students in this course will benefit from both practical and theoretical supervision for the realization of projects combining science, technology and art. They will 1) discover design methods that will support their creation, 2) have the opportunity to develop their aesthetic sensitivity and 3) and deepen advanced technical and technological knowledge in areas such as augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive and immersive spaces, sensors, etc.

Students will be able to use their imagination to design an artwork that integrates a scientific approach with an aesthetic and singular dimension of their own personal stories. The instructors will guide the students in the formulation of the intentions of their project. To do so, students will be asked to provide short documentations (in video) that describe, analyze and discuss their artistic, conceptual, technical and critical choices.

Students will have the opportunity to visit the collections of the Center Pompidou, guided by a curator or speaker of the museum.
Students will also have the opportunity to exhibit their work.

Scientists / artists:

  • Sarah Fdili Alaoui
  • Filippo Fabbri
  • Tove Grimstad (in charge of TD)

Artist (in case we go live)

  • Gregory Chatonsky (TBC)

Format and logistics (this may change):

Tuesdays – from March 7 to April 18 – From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Saclay

  • 1st session: March 7 – ZOOM
  • setting up groups, brainstorming ideas
  • 2nd session: March 14 – PUIO
  • Practical workshop on paper prototyping of artistic ideas
  • 3rd session: March 15 (It’s exceptionally a wednsday) – Centre Pompidou
  • Visit of the Pompidou Center
  • Non mandatory : March 22 – Building 660 Amphiteatre UPSaclay
  • Sarah’s HDR Denfence “Dance Led Research”
  • 4th session: March 28 – Fablab
  • Technological prototyping – independent work followed
  • 5th session: April 4 – Fablab
  • Technological prototyping – independent work followed
  • 6th session: April 11 – PUIO
  • User testing
  • 7th session : April 18 – TBD
  • Presentation of student work – feedback given in real time by all students

Material you can use in your projects :