Visualizing Isadora Duncan’s qualities

Visualizing Isadora Duncan’s qualities

In collaboration with Manon Vialle and Melina Skouras and Elisabeth Schwartz

We present a new abstract representation of choreographic motion that conveys the movement quality of fluidity that is central to the style of modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan. We co-designed our model through a collaboration with an expert Duncanian dancer, Elisabeth Shwartz, using five flexible ribbons joining at the solar plexus and animated it from motion capture data using a tailored optimization-based algorithm. We display our model in a Hololens headset and provide features that allow to visualize and manipulate it in order to understand and learn Duncan’s choreographic style. Through a series of workshops, we explored our system with professional dancers. We were able to observe how it provides them with an immersive experience of a novel visualization of Duncan’s movement qualities in a way that was not possible with human-like or skeleton-based representations.

This project was supported by the ANR JCJC Living Archive and the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin and Lyon.

Publications :

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Manon Vialle, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Mélina Skouras, Elisabeth Schwartz, “Supporting perception of spatiality in dance in augmented reality” Accepted to the ACM Creativity and Cognition (C&C), online 2023.