Dance Performance with Live Coding and interactive sonification 

Dance Improvisation: Yves Candau and Sarah Fdili Alaoui

Live Coding of interactive sonification: Jules Françoise

 CO/DA is a Dance and Live coding performance that involves two dance improvisers and a live coder who programs movement-based interactive sound. During two years of collaboration, we developed a joint improvisation practice where the interactions between the dancers’ movement and the sound feedback are programmed on the fly through a custom live coding platform.  

To support our improvisation practice, we designed a new live coding environment called CO/DA that facilitates the real-time manipulation of continuous streams of the dancers’ motion data for interactive sound synthesis. The movements of one or several dancers equipped with sensors are streamed to CO/DA, allowing the live coder to program the interactions between their movements and the sound feedback on the fy. Our approach involves capturing, modeling and sonifying a dancer’s movements in real-time during the performance, leading to a joint improvisation.

The CO/DA live coding environment is accessible here:

Documentation of the CO/DA live coding environment is here:

Publication :

Jules Françoise, Sarah Fdili Alaoui “CO/DA: Live-Coding Movement-Sound Interactions for Dance Improvisation” In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), New Orleans 2022. Honourable Mention