Radical Choreographic Object >>> Participatory Dance Performance

Choreography: Sarah Fdili Alaoui (UPSUD, LRI) and Jean Marc Matos (Cie K Danse)

We Consider a Choreography that composes itself insitu according to the behaviours generated by the visitors / participants as observed by the dancers or captured by a set of ubiquitous sensors in the performance space. The research relies on an analysis of the principles of “writing” dance as well as a research on Human Computer Interaction, related to the methods of analysis of the moving body and the semantics of movement that can contribute to movement-based interaction.


Video of our work in progress (open studio with +/-  of interactions with smartphones)
> Teaser :

Performers (Cie K. Danse) : Ambre Cazier, Izaskun Insausti, David Mazon, Mario Garcia Saez
Associated artist and developers : Arnaud Courcelle
Associated artist (external eye): Marianne MassonMembres chercheurs associés :
Associated researchers and professors: Wendy Mackay (INRIA, LRI), Antonio Camurri, (InfoMus, Gênes, Italy)
Associate graduate students: Jean-Philippe Rivière,Mai Ciolfli, Doctorante (INRIA, LRI)

Winner of the “Projets Phares” call of La Diagonale Paris Saclay

With the support of:

La Diagonale Paris Saclay
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (INRIA)
Université Paris-Sud / Paris Saclay Laboratoire de recherche en Informatique
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Parteners : Collectif Culture 91, Quai des Savoirs, Centre Culturel Bellegarde, CDC de Toulouse, Villeneuve-Tolosane, Studio La Vannerie Cie La Baraque, Théâtre Le Ring (Toulouse).

For more information: Dossier_Diffusion_RCO