Networked Virtual Reality + Dance Performance

Choreography: Thecla Shiphorst
Virtual World and Motion Capture: Athomas Goldberg
Music: Prophecy Sun
Dancers: Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Shannon Cuykendall and Lesley Kosinski


Glass dance is a networked dance performance where 3 performers were motion captured and rendered as a 3D avatar, virtual ribbons and as the controller of the camera viewpoint in the virtual environment. The 3D graphics are all live networked all over the M+M networked movement system in real-time. The M+M plateform proposes a multi-sensor, multi-effector movement middleware that supports distributed real-time interaction in the real and virtual world.

In Glass Dance, Sarah Fdili Alaoui was motion captured and rendered as a 3D avatar in the projected virtual reality world with a glass like texture. Shannon Cuykendall danced w/ tripoded ipad that was captured to be the 3D camera viewpoint in the virtual environment. Leslie Kosinski’s was holding a stick that was motion captured and that created 3D ribbons that reflected on the glass body of the 3D avatar. Researchers in Montreal remotely controlled with their hand gestures (using remote Leap motion) the 3D lighting of the virtual world that was displayed to the audience in Vancouver.