Interactive Dance Perfomance / Virtual Reality / Motion Capture

Choreography: Thecla Shiphorst
Virtual World and Motion Capture: Athomas Goldberg
Creators: AthomasGoldberg, thecla.schiphorst, Maria Lantin and Tom Landry
Composer: Stefan Smulovitz
Singer: Prophecy Sun
Dancers: Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Shannon Cuykendall, Yves Candeau, Caroline Barrierre
Arial dancer: Brittany Gee Moore
Technical development work: Dhruv Adhia and Norman Jaffe, Tom Landry, Sean Arden and Rick Overington (ECUAD),
Visual effects artistry: Stuart Maxwell.

Performed at ISEA 2015

“worlds” is a real-time networked augmented and virtual reality performance that explores the multiple and simultaneous experience of our collective and individual inner and outer, past and present, and physical and imaginary worlds. It Brings together 3 performance venues across 2 canadian cities, including the Emily Carr lobby gallery the Emily Carr Vicon motion capture studio in Vancouver and the CRIM motion capture studio in Montreal. Worlds was part of “In It”, a Virtual Reality performance showcase and that take place during the opening reception of Emily Carr at ISEA 2015. worlds has been created in partnership with the S3D Research Centre at Emily Carr University and Pepper’s Ghost New Media Arts Collective.