For Patricia

For Patricia

Dance Performance + AI

Choreography: Sarah Fdili Alaoui

Music : John Sullivan

Dancers: Sarah Fdili-Alaoui and Bartek Ostrowski

Musicians : John Sullivan and Léo Chédin

AI development : John Sullivan, Sarah Fdili Alaoui and Léo Chédin

“For Patricia” is a dance piece where the choreographic and musical composition is generated in real-time with AI and through audience interaction. The piece is an ode to postmodernism in Dance. “For Patricia”, or for Trisha, is in honor of one of the inventors of postmodernism Trisha Brown. Expanding on the legacy of Brown and other postmodern dancers and composers like Merce Cunningham and John Cage, the piece will use simple musical and choreographic patterns based on sound recordings and everyday gestures and explore ways in which we can compose with these patterns based on complex structures generated through AI and modified through audience interaction. “For Patricia” is realized onstage as a quartet between two dancers (Sarah Fdili Alaoui with a second invited dancer) and two musicians (John Sullivan and an invited acoustic musician).

With the support of 

Modina Consortium, Winner of the Modina residency program :

INRIA, Université Paris Saclay, CNRS.