Movement Qualities as Interaction Modality

Movement Qualities as Interaction Modality

Interactive Installation- Interactive LED light and 3D motion capture.

Creation: Sarah Fdili Alaoui (IRCAM/LIMSI), Baptiste Caramiaux (IRCAM) and Marcos Serrano (ENSAD).

Exhibited at:

The Art and Science Festival / Orsay France
The Art exhibition of the Conference on Designing Interactive Systems / NewCastle UK / 2012

A Light Touch is a large-scale interactive installation in which spectators can interact with their hand inside of an empty frame and control a horizontal light spot projected in a rear surface. The light spot behaviors are controlled by parameters issued from the analysis of the user’s hand movement qualities though a Kinect camera, according to the vocabulary of the dance company Emio Greco | PC.

The intention of this installation is to merge tangible hand movement and intangible light and to provide an experience of touching the light. Inspired by light artists such as Olafur Eliasson, the light is used both as a modality revealing the environment and as a medium itself. The light spot is an evolving, living and fragile entity. Its nature is heterogeneous, sometimes close to a moving blob, sometimes similar to a breathing surface. The aim is to engage this medium and its nature with the spectator’s hand movements, confronting their dissimilarities, which at the same time reveal new aspects of each other. This installation engages the spectator in an intrigue, improvisation and play, the three aspects defined as being part of the pragmatic aesthetics of interaction.

A Light Touch II is the second version of the large-scale installation A Light Touch. It is based on a similar apparatus but displays a massive number of light particles. In this installation, participants can interact with the particle system projected on a rear surface using their hand movement qualities. The particles are made of small lights that have a physical behavior that responds to the participant’s expressive hand movement qualities. The visuals are responsive and have self-agency, creating an environment that seems to be alive on it own way.


Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Baptiste Caramiaux, Marcos Serrano, Frédéric Bevilacqua. “Movement qualities as interaction modality”, In Proceedings of ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2012, Newcastle, United Kingdom. Honourable MentionDIS2012-Fdilialaouietal