9min looping Video Tryptic on 3 Ipads.

Creation: Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Thecla Schiphorst (SIAT SFU), Karen Bradley (LIMS)
Editting: Nathan Evans

Exhibited at “Coding the Body” Exhibition at Apexart Gallery / NYC 2014

Decoding reveals patterns of movement notation as they have emerged throughout the history of movement coding. The medium is an ambient looping 9-minute video displayed on a triptych of iPads. The pacing and structure is intended to draw the viewer into the kinaesthetic sensation of the ever-flowing movement that it represents. The video is organized into a 6-segment grid of original historic image material from Feuillet, Laban Movement Analysis, Labanotation and contemporary images from Trisha Brown and Merce Cunningham. Its timing, structure and segmentation is ordered in “threes”, an integer which suggests mobility and ongoingness. The aim is to envision the existence of parallels between spatial, temporal and structural patterns of movement. The images transcend the analytic decoding and can be seen as aesthetic and artistic in their own right, just as movement itself can become choreography simply through its viewing. Our video references the undulation and waves of the moving body as well as the undulations and waves of diverse historical disciplines that have focused their interest on articulating the components of movement.

decoding consists of 3 ipads playing a same look, each 1 minute apart. The entire 3 x 3min loop takes 9 minutes to complete.

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