I am an assistant professor at LRI-Université Paris-Sud 11, part of the LRI HCC and Ex)Situ INRIA research team in interaction design, human computer Interaction and interactive arts. I am a choreographer, a dancer and a Laban Movement Analyst. Before my current position, I was a researcher at the School of Interactive Arts+Technology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, within the MovingStories project. I hold a PhD in Art and Science from University Paris-Sud 11 and the IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and LIMSI-CNRS research institutes. In my PhD, I studied how movement qualities in dance can be modelled, computationally analysed, represented and applied to the design of Human Computer Interaction. I have a MSc from University Joseph Fourier and an Engineering Degree from ENSIMAG in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and over 20 years of training in ballet and contemporary dance. I recently completed a certification as a Laban Movement Analyst at the Laban/Bartienieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York, USA.

I am interested in bridging scientific and experiential research in movement with dance making and choreography. I have been involved in many art and science projects, collaborating with dancers, visual artists, computer scientists and designers to create interactive dance performances, interactive installations, and tools for supporting choreography and documentation of dance.

Curriculum Vitae-Français 

Contact: sarah.fdili-alaoui[at]lri.fr

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