I am committed in my teaching to interdisciplinary approaches that support the development and experience of technologies and art. My classes provided theoretica and practical skills that are required to develop, implement and complete projects in Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design and Interactive Arts. I am interested in giving three main perspectives to students:

  • A historical perspective about the field.
  • A theoretical perspective to understand the field, involving assigned readings for students, chosen to develop a critical reflection on key concepts.
  • A methodological perspective, including experimental, qualitative and quantitative, and ethnographic approaches to design and evaluation of interactive technology.

These 3 perspectives allow the students to build critical thinking capabilities, in addition to their technical skills, that they will both use to understand the underpinning concepts and develop their own projects. I believe that projects develop practice-based skills and provide the students opportunities to experience concepts, while theoretical knowledge helps establish a deep reflection on the research and allows new perspectives to emerge. Here is a list of the classes I am teaching in University Paris sud: