Digital Fabrication

Topic of this year digital Fabrication class: Feminism manifestos (in HCI…)

Link to projects made in the Fablab: Digiscope projects

TEDx of Neil Gershenfeld, professeur at MIT and inventor of Fablabs: TEDx Gershenfeld


This course requires students to make digitally fabricated objects and document what they are making.

Weekly carefull documentation must be added in the Fablab website.

End project: 

Your weekly project should be elements that you combine to make a larger project.



Pink and Blue by Hollie McNish


Planning of the classes: 

  • Class 1 (Sarah Fdili Alaoui): Laser Cutting

Example of documented project on the laser cutter: Laser cutting a circuit board

  • Class 2 (Sarah Fdili Alaoui): 3D printing
  • Class 3 (Sarah Fdili Alaoui): 3D printing – Bis
  • Class 4 (Michael Wessely): Circuits + Arduino – Introduction

Arduino Introduction – By Michael Wessely

  • Class 5 (Michael Wessely): Circuits + Arduino – Hands on
  • Class 6 (Stacy Hsueh): Shape changing objects / Materials
  • Class 7 (Stacy Hsueh): Shape changing objects / Materials – Bis



Students will be graded on the quality of the work and the documentation they make for their projects, and also on their general participation in the activity of the class.

  • weekly projet and documentations                        — 35%
  • Final projet and documentation                              — 40%
  • General Participation                                                 — 25%