Danced Conference / Video / Book

Direction and choregraphy:Rocio Berenguer
Dance: Marja Freigang
Graphisme:Gregoire Bellot
Research and Dance: Sarah Fdili Alaoui
Camera: Hector di Napoli
Technical support: Sylvain Delbart



An exploration of the “URBAN BODY”.

Ergonomics is a project that reinterprets contemporary urban fictions.

Ergonomics is primarily a participatory research laboratory nurtured by field experiences, work with researchers, urban planners, architects and exchanges with the public. It takes the form of a video installation “The practical guide to the uses of the body in the public space” and a danced conference that stages the urban body.

The Ergoconference is a danced conference featuring the “urban body”, which invites spectators to participate actively in the performance. Choreographing the body of the public to bring into to play with the normalization of the body. It’s a work that seeks to define the current “urban body”: an anonymous body, a body-discourse, a body-object, a body-social, a cyborg-body, a body-symbol, a body-protocol. Ergonomics’ formal challenge is, like many works of contemporary art, that of “exhibiting”, taking part in “contemporary anxiety”, the world as it is. In this kind of naturalized “realism”, in the course of the evolution of technosciences and new modes of marketing, lies an elementary function of art, an amoral function if any, a function which, even when exploited cynically, Is indisputably necessary to the social body.

Rocio seeks among this aesthetic burlesque, to make visible the absurd, our absurd, to learn to identify and laugh to transform or accept it, but at least, to share it.




CDA D’Enghien-les-Bains, Paris, France
N+N Corsino, Marseille, France
TransportTheater, Munich, Allemagne
Système Castafiore, Grasse, France
Sophien Saelen, Berlin, Allemagne
Theatre Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin, Allemagne
KLAP, Maison pour la danse, Marseille, Fance
Le Hublot, Nice, France
CDA, résidence au lycée avec le soutien de la Drac Ile de France
En collaboration avec le Laboratoire LIF de L’université Aix-Marseille.