Interaction Design Project – Tangibles

Collaboration with Jeewon Lee and Thecla Schiphorst (SIAT-SFU)


Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is an expert-based method by which Certified Movement Analysts observe, analyze, describe and write movement. LMA is increasingly used in Human Computer Interaction through articulating a precise use of langage and Motif symbols for describing movement expression. In this research project, we built Motif Tiles, a set of scrabble-like tiles with Motif movement notation symbols developed to analyse human movement with the help of physical objects. These tangible tiles allow for analyzing and writing temporal patterns of human actions.

We are collaborating with Certified Laban Movement Analyst to use the Motif Tiles in dance and movement workshop to facilitate the process of movement analysis and to generate movement material to support the choreographic process.

By backtracking our design research experiments, our research unfolds how and why the tangible tool succeeds in engaging movement experts and dance professionals with the analysis and generation of movement experience and collaborative focus on human movement patterns.