Networked Virtual Reality + Dance Performance

Choreography: Thecla Shiphorst
Virtual World and Motion Capture: Athomas Goldberg
Music: Prophecy Sun
Dancers: Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Shannon Cuykendall and Lesley Kosinski

During the M+M Performance, dancers are evolving in both the physical world and in the 3D virtual world 3D projected. The 3 dancers’ hands where motion captured and rendered in the virtual world as an elastic between them. All the motion capture is processed through the M+M networked movement system in real-time. M+M stands for Movement & Meaning Middleware. It proposes a multi-sensor, multi-effector movement middleware that supports distributed real-time interaction in the real and virtual world. The M+M performance allowed to demonstrate how the networked system supported motion capture, gesture and 3d graphics into a live performance in real time.