Virtual Reality Platform – Interactive visuals, sound, spatialized sound and 3D motion capture.

Collaboration with Baptiste Caramiaux (IRCAM), Tiffanie Boucharaz, Gaetan Parseihian (LIMSI-CNRS) and Marc Rébillat (Ecole Polytechnique)

We developped GAVIP (that stands for Gestural Auditory Visual Interactive Platform) as an interactive, immersive and multimodal virtual reality installation in which the participant is immersed in a virtual environment composed of 3D SMARTI2_mariani_smallaudio-visual objects in the form of “bubbles”. Participants can interact with the 3D audio-visual objects in real-time. Participants’ position and gestures are analyzed  in real time through a 3D motion capture system and used to control the scene and the 3D objects by adapting their position, sound, morphology, texture or dynamics. GAVIP allows for an interaction with the audio, visual and spatial modalities while respecting inter-modal coherency to ensure the participant full immersion in the virtual space.

Publication: Baptiste Caramiaux, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Tifanie Bouchara, Marc Rébillat. “Gestural Auditory and Visual Interactive Platform”, In Proceedings of Digital Audio Effects (Dafx) 2011, Paris, France. DAFx11-caramiauxetal