Installation – Virtual Reality / Interactive Visuals / Interactive Sound / 3D motion capture.

Collaboration with Nathalie Delprat (LIMSI-CNRS), Claire Leroux (ESIEA_ARNUM), Julien Pousse (ESIEA Laval) and Quentin Vidal (ESIEA Paris).


The CLOUD installation is an interactive and immersive space in which the participant experiences the transformation of her body into a virtual evanescent matter; a visual and sound cloud-avatar that she controls with her movements. The CLOUD environment imbricates the participant’s real body and the virtual cloud simulation to converge into a complete scenography. Out of this virtual transformation, novel sensory feedbacks and emotional states emerge. They reveal new perspectives on the expressive potential of virtual images for artistic explorations. It is an environment in which the virtual cloud augments the participant’s expressive range of movement and extends the grammar of the body by experiencing a transformation of the bodily matter.

Publications: Nathalie Delprat, Claire Leroux, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, “Experience of a cloud-avatar: scientific challenges and artistic perspectives”, International Journal Of Design and Innovation Research, (IJODIR) 2011. IJODIR-delpratetal

Nathalie Delprat, Claire Leroux, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, “In the clouds, Virtual experience of a matter”, In Proceedings of Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC) 2011, Laval, France. VRIC-delpratetal

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