Performance –¬†Interactive drawings and 3D motion capture.

Collaboration with Elika Hedayat, Tamara Erde (Le Fresnoy Institute of Contemporary Arts ) and Nicolas Rasamimanana (Phonotonic).

Performed at the Panorama Festival / Le Fresnoy Institute of Contemporary Arts / Lilles France / 2011

Sabour emerged from the encounter of Elika Hedayat and Tamara Erde at Le Fresnoy in 2009 with the desire to confront their cultures from Tehran and Tel Aviv. Given the complex political situation between their two countries, and their forbidden encounter, they initiated Sabour to meet through an imaginary journey merging their means of expression: movement and drawings. I collaborated with them in designing a movement-based interactive system. The technology allowed the mouvement of Tamara to control, displace and distort the drawings of Elika that were projected on stage in real-time. The interaction assembled their universes, their experiences and their memories to create a world in movement that challenges political borders.

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